Multi-Stroke Case Study: WoodBlocX Ground Spikes

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“We now have a fast, reliable, local supplier and no problems with customs, freight and import duties.”

British company WoodBlocX offer an innovative new concept in garden landscaping: wooden blocks designed for self-assembly that can be combined in a multitude of ways to create visually pleasing garden features, such as kerbs, low walls, corner boxing and terraces.

Made from precision cut pine, the blocks slot together - rather like that world-famous toy Lego - and are secured by plastic dowels that are made from recycled material.  They are produced from timber grown to FSC standards in forests of the Scottish Highlands.

At the foundation level of every WoodBlocX build, ground spikes are used to pin the base blocks into the soil and prevent sideslip. These spikes were obtained from China, but are now supplied to WoodBlocX by Multi-Stroke, who forge them in at their metalworking facilities in the West Midlands through a conventional horizontal upset forging process.

Philip Blake of WoodBlocX explains why the company made the switch.

“We had sourced our WoodBlocX ground spikes from China for some years, but recent exchange rate movements led us to reconsider sourcing from the UK.

“Multi-Stroke were not only able to be competitive, they also developed a better forged head and were able to supply some on a quick delivery schedule.

“We now have a fast, reliable, local supplier and no problems with customs, freight and import duties.  We recommend Multi-Stroke to anyone considered repatriating their purchases.”

Multi-Stroke Director Ian Wright added that he’s noticed a trend for such repatriation recently. “Customers who have come to us after using the Far East are delighted at how quickly we can change and update products in comparison,” he explained.

Find out more at the WoodBlocX website

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