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A full range of trailer Twistlocks manufactured in the UK by Multi-Stroke, the market leaders and creators of the concept. The safest way to secure your trailers or containers.

Robust Trailer and Container Locks for Maximum Security

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A Twistlock is the locking device that securely attaches a freight container, bulk container, or an ISO tank container to a suitable trailer chassis.

Multi-Stroke, originator of the British designed and manufactured Twistlock, supply a complete range of Twistlock assemblies for road and rail platform applications.

The Multi-Stroke Twistlock is simple to operate and its inbuilt safety locking features ensure positive engagement.  The design and construction has few moving parts and therefore is easy to maintain, ensures simple trouble free performance, less down time and cost effective repairs and spares.

The reliability of the Multi-Stroke Twistlock is second to none - its robust design and consistency of manufacture have been rewarded with success for over 30 years.

Multi-Stroke Twistlocks Offer Flexible Trailer Solutions

Suitable for all these trailers types:

Road trailers (skeletals)

Sliding bogie






Road trailers (platform)



Machine carriers

Low loaders

Our Twistlocks Can Secure a Wide Range of Transport Containers

Including: “ISO”, 20ft and 40ft containers, cargo and freight containers, plus shipping and rail containers. Our Twistlocks are supplied to trailer OEMs, after market, the MOD and smaller rebuild and repair workshops.


Types of Multi-Stroke Twistlocks

Single Standard Twistlocks

Retractable - The Twistlock centre retracts in a simple operation and is stowed within the housing 
  leaving the bed of the chassis free from obstruction

Fixed - The Twistlock centre remains in the upward loaded position for assisting location. Once the
  container is loaded the Twistlock can be operated to the locked position

Twin Twistlocks

Two Twistlocks designed side by side. Sharing a common top plate and back plate, the design offers greater flexibility for the trailer builder. Available in retractable and fixed.


Screw Down Twistlocks

Generally used and applied to trailer types
  to improve stability of load and allows play
  be taken up between trailer bed and corner casting

Multi-Stroke Screw Down Twistlock for UK application is fitted with a third lock to meet vehicle
  standards (optional by customer request)

Available in retractable and fixed


Special Twistlocks

Multi-Stroke has designed and manufactured Twistlocks for special applications and can assist and
contribute towards customers new trailer designs.

Twistlocks, and adapted locks, have been supplied internationally for military trailers, flat racks and special platforms.  They have also been built for special commercial applications such as swap bodies, generator platforms, and plant and equipment transportation.

Twistlock Spares Available from Multi-Stroke

A full range of spare parts are available.  Common parts and simplistic design ensure the majority of spares are held in stock.


Twistlock History, Quality Assurance and ISO 9001

The Multi-Stoke Twistlock design and engineering has been established for over 30 years, with Multi-Stroke owning the intellectual property for this design. Rigorous design and test criteria, along with material control and traceability, ensure that we achieve our customer’s expectations.

The development and quality of the Twistlock has been enhanced with the accreditation of ISO 9001 and investment in robot welding equipment.

The operation of Twistlocks must always comply with the instructions and advice detailed in the trailer operating manuals.  Specific country legislation will also apply.


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